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    To bring together the traditions and ethos of India and modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual and unique.
    SNS academy a Fingerprint International CBSE School offers secular, co-educational education from Nursery to Grade XII following CBSE curriculum.
    There is no better place for a child to appreciate the joys of nature and to become environmentally conscious.
    We believe that responding positively to the genuine needs of our students determines our success.
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Our Learning Principles

"Quality teaching is not about teaching exceptionally talented students alone, but it's all about teaching all types of students and to produce exceptional work."

The following learning principles are the fundamental understandings that guide teaching and learning at SNS. They are the beliefs that we see as essential for fostering optimum learning in our classrooms.

1.Learners need to feel safe, valued, and supported in order to learn.
We create an inviting, respectful, and nurturing learning environment.

2.Learners progress along a developmental continuum.
Learners move through similar stages of development at their own rate and in their own way. We measure learning in a variety of ways, and gauge achievement on a continuum in tandem with programme learning expectations.

3.Learners are competent, creative, and full of potential.
We respect learners' capabilities and build on their varied experiences, prior knowledge, and perspectives. We provide learners with opportunities to express themselves, discover new interests, and challenge themselves to maximize and become actively responsible for their own learning.

4.Learners construct knowledge, and co-construct knowledge through social interaction.
Learners expand their knowledge of the world, build understanding, and create new ideas through individual and collaborative questioning, evaluating, and revising.

5.Learning is optimized within stimulating and thoughtfully created environments.
Our learning spaces are welcoming and aesthetically pleasing for each stage of development. Opportunities for learning use a wide range of resources, including educational technology, and evidence of student thinking is displayed in a variety of ways. Learning engagements are inspiring, thought provoking, and relevant.

6.Learners develop and express their understanding in a variety of ways.
Learning looks different at each stage and reflects learners' individual strengths, needs, and learning styles. Facilitating is differentiated to meet these individual traits, and learners are provided various options for processing and demonstrating their learning.

7.Learners make the best progress toward their academic potential when they are challenged with high standards.
We expect the best of our students and hold them accountable to challenging standards of performance. They know what excellence looks like and what it takes to achieve it.

8.Learning requires meaningful feedback and reflection.
Teachers provide frequent oral and written feedback that informs and improves learning. Opportunities are provided for learners to think about how, what, and why they are learning, and to participate in peer and self-assessment.

9.Dialogue is a primary process through which we construct knowledge.
Building new understandings is often a social process. Teachers enable students to construct new ideas together through dialogue, and to use language as a tool for reasoning and inquiry.

10.Engaging students in inquiry with a focus on conceptual understanding fosters lifelong curiosity and depth of learning.
Our students are enlightened through questioning, and empowered through knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes to continue learning throughout their lives. They use their learning to take meaningful action in response to their own needs and the needs of others.

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