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    To bring together the traditions and ethos of India and modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual and unique.
    SNS academy a Fingerprint International CBSE School offers secular, co-educational education from Nursery to Grade XII following CBSE curriculum.
    There is no better place for a child to appreciate the joys of nature and to become environmentally conscious.
    We believe that responding positively to the genuine needs of our students determines our success.
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Grade 1 And 2 Learners

Students participate in a play based learning programme that involves activities designed to develop:

Challenging, comprehensive and high-quality curriculum promotes excellence and equity in education. The rigorous, relevant and engaging learning programmes drawn from this curriculum, addresses each child's individual learning needs, emphasizing knowledge, skills and understandings of learning areas and general capabilities designed to support 21st Century learning. This highly researched CBSE curriculum is flexible and suits children from a wide range of educational backgrounds.

Teachers at SNS Academy use the CBSE Curriculum to develop teaching and learning programmes that build on students' interests, strengths, goals and learning needs, and address the cognitive, affective, physical, social and aesthetic needs of all the students.

Our School provides strong educational foundations through a balanced programme of exploratory learning, as well as explicit teaching of core knowledge and skills. As your child enters Junior School, they begin their first years of formal schooling.

SNS Academy follows CBSE Curriculum. Core English and Mathematics skills are explicitly taught from Foundation, while the broader skills of Literacy and Numeracy are developed across all subject areas.

The School's curriculum also focuses on and implements:

  Specific achievement standards to each grade level.

  Rigorous assessment of knowledge, understanding and skills.

  Integration of curriculum that values English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences, Arts, Health and Physical Education, Languages and Technologies.

  Specialized subjects where Specialist work with our children in Library, Music, Physical Education. Integrated learning with other classroom activities in these subject areas is also implemented.

At SNS Academy, we aim to provide rich, stimulating, exciting and robust learning experiences for the children by:

  Providing spacious classes to enable teachers to focus on every child's individual academic needs as well as social and emotional development.

  Supporting and developing their understanding of themselves and others.

  Developing children's capability to communicate and express themselves effectively, to build and manage relationships, to handle challenging situations and to learn more effectively.

  Developing children's knowledge and skills to interpret and use increasingly sophisticated language in their work, and to read and write for a variety of purposes and in a range of contexts.

  Developing children's knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently, to problem solve and to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully.

  Working collaboratively with all the staff and parents.

  Using technology effectively as a tool to research and communicate ideas.

  Encouraging children to think creatively and critically in all Learning Areas.

All the classrooms are equipped with a smart board which is used regularly to facilitate learning.

We recognize the importance of equipping our children with the knowledge, skills and values they will need in order to operate with confidence in a complex, information-rich, globalized world. Our goal in the Junior School is to assist our children to begin the journey in becoming successful learners and creative and happy individuals, with a strong sense of community and social justice.

We acknowledge the need for children to develop into adaptive, open-minded citizens, capable of pursuing their passions with dynamic intellectual skills, attitudes and values that encourage critical and creative thinking, and recognize that each child's early experiences shape the person that they are to become.

The Primary School programme challenges and nurtures our grade 3 and 4 students so that they can attempt new challenges, progress at their own pace as learners, and form the kind of friendships that can last a lifetime.

Grade 3 And 4 Learners

  Develop their core skills in English, Mathematics and Environmental Science through a well-balanced programme of teacher-directed, peer-oriented and independent activities and investigations.

  Learn skills that will help them become fluent and expressive speakers, and attentive, retentive listeners.

  Engage in real-life mathematical investigations and challenges by competing against themselves and others through problem-solving and interactive programs.

  Receive specialist teaching in Music, Languages Other Than English (Tamil, Hindi and French), and Health and Physical Education, which build well-roundedness.

  Are introduced to the Keyboard as part of the school's musical instrumental programme.

  Continue to learn beyond the classroom through a range of field trips and excursions.

  Enjoy opportunities to give presentations and performances in class meetings and house meetings, and in large-group forums such as assemblies, showcases etc...

  Elect and advise their own class representative on the Student Representative Council.

  Are able to participate in age-appropriate extracurricular activities and sports events (with coaching and support from a dedicated sports master).

  Celebrate their achievements through a variety of classroom-based incentives and school-wide awards.

  Have time just to play – to clear their heads and be children – because we believe that's very important, too.

Grade 5 And 6 Learners

Grade 5 and 6 are laden with new learning opportunities, and students continue to grow and flourish on their individual academic, extra-curricular with guidance and encouragement from their class teachers and subject specialists. They are motivated to extend their academic, sporting and cultural abilities.

Our students respond willingly and well to the School's expectations of self-discipline, courtesy and diligence, and they represent their school with pride.

Grade 5 and 6 Learners…

  Continue to enjoy stimulating academic programmes that allow for differentiation according to individual needs.

  Are all appointed to positions of responsibility and learn how to provide leadership to younger students in a way that best utilizes their own unique skills and talents.

  Play a key role in the house system by working with their teachers and peers to create an inclusive House spirit and a healthy level of Inter-House rivalry.

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