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Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy and international relations, It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues. Model UN participants include students at the middle school and high school level. Delegates usually attend conferences. Participation in Model UN is meant to foster negotiation, speaking and communication skills. It could develop leadership skills and the ability to adapt and deal with unexpected situations.

Toast Master club

Toast Master Club helps students to learn communication and leadership skills through Public Speaking. This club provides a path that culminates in the planning and execution of an event which allows them to apply everything they learned through given speeches. It helps in fulfilling leadership qualities and helps students to grow and improve through honest and supportive peer evaluation.

Young Entrepreneur Club

Young Entrepreneur Club generates the entrepreneurial spirit in the students. It teaches them to take action and innovate solve problems in their communities. Students will learn to apply the knowledge of entrepreneurship they learn in class. Being the first of its kind in the city, it aims to set a new benchmark and act as a model for other schools to follow.

Round Square club

Round Square Club provides opportunities for students to collaborate, creating meaningful real-world experiences, develop global competence, character and understanding. They motivate and compel students into practical experiences, addressing real-world issues and inspiring them to become agents of positive change.

Cookery club

Cookery Club is a great way to educate them about good nutrition, what’s in season, planning and preparing meals, and reading food labels. It can encourage them to eat healthy foods, especially the ones they normally refuse to try. It teaches the values of self-management and social awareness and develops interpersonal skills.

Photography club

Photography Club aims to promote collaboration, interaction, friendship, mutual love and care among students through the art of photography. Using photography as a tool, we create awareness and learning opportunity to personal as well as social well being. Our students mastered photographic illusion, morphing, product photography, food photography and nature clicks.

Art club

Art Club is a place where students can practice the arts and hone their individual skills from mixed medium to water color and traditional oil painting. Wall paintings on Thematic Designs and Landscape Art , Light and Shadow are some exclusive topics of SNS Art Club.


Japanese Club at SNS Academy is the first school in Coimbatore to introduce Japanese language. Japanese language learning opens a way to eastern world. Interaction with people from Japan creates curiosity and interest on foreign language.

Prathmic Club

The club members prepare for the certification in Hindi. The language helps for communication in most of the regions in India. The communicative Hindi develops language confidence in India.


Cambridge Club conducts training on Cambridge Communicative English curriculum and helps students to appear for certification examinations.


Eco Club will empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior.


Maths Club is dedicated to the extra-curricular mathematics. They breathe new life into mathematics beyond the classroom. They come in all shapes and sizes. They focus on learning mathematics with fun.


Science Club is organized to give students a stage where they can do as many projects and researches as possible and to present oneself from anything to everything in a crowd with full confidence. Through this club we teach them that team work and hard work is the only way to success.


Scouts and Guides are created for the formation of character and sound health habits. The club is training in the handicraft and acquiring of useful skills; and it cultivates a proper spirit of service efficiently. The pursuit of this aim leads to the development of good citizenship, among boys and girls.


Book Club is a reading group for those students who read and talk about books based on a topic or agreed-upon reading list. The authors and varieties of books are made familiar to students through this club.


Through quiz club inquisitive and interrogative nature of students are encouraged. Weekly quizzes based on newspaper reading, is an active assignment of this club.

dance CLUB

Dance Club make the hobby of dancing into professional styles of dancing. Students and teachers compose and perform new dance forms.

music CLUB

Music Club provides ample opportunities for students to learn vocal and instrumental. The rhythm of music gets transformed to the symphony of life through this dedicated club.