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parent community

At SNS Academy, we provide a warm welcome that helps families' not only associated with our school, but also the lives in Coimbatore. When your child joins SNS Academy, you become a part of our SNS Academy community. We encourage parental involvement from the start and believe that parents are crucial, to the success of the School, and the education of their children.

Parents' association

activities and initiatives

The Parents' Association (PA) plays an integral role in helping us to create and maintain the SNS Academy spirit.

parent ambassadors

Parent representative maintain good rapport with the school administration to resolve any issues.

library for parents

Learning never stops. Borrow a book from library and keep yourself updated.


A signature event to show love and gratitude to grand parents' @ SNS!!

slumber night

Bonding is not just between students, it is strengthened via various activities like slumber night.

SNS Connect

modes of communication