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SNS Academy epitomizes vibrancy and freshness, dovetailing much of the ethos of the new Post-independent India into its educational program and philosophy. Privately managed, the school is a secular, co-educational one, integrating into its curriculum, concern for the environment, the spirit of community service and international peace and brotherhood. The founders of SNS Academy feel that all the needs must be truthful and there should be healthy relationship and bond between students and teachers. The focus of each child should be about inspiring ideas, debate, comprehension, new techniques, methodologies and self expression. The children at SNS Academy: Top Ranking CBSE Schools in Coimbatore have the opportunity to work with facilitators they know and respect and who know and respect them. The natural beauty of the School campus and conducive learning environment inspires all of us to appreciate and adopt what is natural, simple and true. We easily remember who we are and what is truly important.

Our Logo Speaks

We as an institution, identify ourselves as "a fingerprint school" because we believe that, in each child lies an inherent individuality and talent which has to be nurtured carefully and brought to the forefront through the course of a child's school life.

sns acd logo

Our Institutional motto "Sincerity, Nobility, Service" uplift and guide students, and reflect the Core Values of the school in a way that is relevant and easy to understand.

SNS Academy has an inspiring motto for its students, because we recognize the need to shape young people, and harness their potential to take on the challenges of a constantly changing world, wherever they are.
Our Logo reaffirms SNS Academy's commitment to nurturing inventiveness (Uniqueness) in each child. Fingerprint symbolizes secured and caring environment.

Our students will be inspired to realize their full potential in a manner that is responsive to changes and evolution, as represented by the logo.

Our colours

Orange, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green colours in our logo reflect our approach to life and learning.

All the colours in our Logo symbolize the wholesome development of a child.


Orange is dynamic and charged with the energy of youth, symbolizes a passion for knowledge, and action of both mind and body.


White represents purity, the values of friendship, integrity and unity, of sensitivity to others, and peace, which is our collective responsibility as part of a global community.


Pink exhibits passion and energy associated with compassion and nurturing. It is intuitive and insightful, showing tenderness and kindness with its empathy and sensitivity.


Blue shows a deep grounding, is the colour of endeavor, and of endless possibilities.


Yellow is to acquired knowledge. Represents the creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things.


Green promotes love towards nature, love of family, friends, pets and the home. This color relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity.


When your child joins SNS Academy, you become a part of the SNS community. Our welcoming school offers children a nurturing environment, coupled with an excellent education and paves a great path for their bright future.

Quality Education

Quality Education

Every parent desires the best quality education for their child. At SNS Academy, quality means a holistic education where each child's social, emotional, physical, creative needs and personal value systems are developed, together with rigorous academic growth.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

Each child's learning patterns, styles and developmental milestones are different and are captured and documented effectively.

Small Class Sizes

Small Class


Our student teacher ratio is kept low, to enable children to thrive with individual attention and direct them in a perfect manner to be strong and vibrant in their activities.

Welcoming Environment

Welcoming Environment

At SNS Academy, we provide a warm and welcoming environment and ambience. Here, our kids are comfortable and settle down smoothly. They prepare themselves and exert a great effort to touch the victory. There is a smooth and healthy relationship and interaction among all stakeholders. Our SNS family is vibrant and healthy.